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My blog is a place where I hope to be honest with my readers, where I can explore tricky subjects, and share myself with you. I’ve struggled with my voice in the past, editing myself so as not to offend, bending myself into a pretzel to please everyone, but I’ve learned that when you do that, your true authentic self is lost. And losing yourself isn’t worth the approval of anyone. So I will chronicle my aspirations and achievements, my fears; I will attempt to split my skull open in the way I do with my characters and let you see my secret heart.

BadAss Writers Don’t Quit. They Persevere.

“Own your vision. Be unrelenting in its creation. Control the nuance while allowing for malleability.” – Bucho Rodenberger   This morning I got fired up (Lately, I’ve been feeling on fire) when I read these words. A quote from a colleague of mine, a fellow writer...

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A Note On Grief.

Today is for acknowledging fear, darkness, and the shadows that live within us. It is for honesty and self-love. Vulnerability. I am open. I am speaking. Please listen. Today I had a polarity therapy session with my massage therapist, and about an hour into the...

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Facebook is my Answering Machine

Do you remember the days when we had answering machines? When cell phones didn’t exist and you couldn’t be reached ALL the time? When others didn’t expect you to be reached all the time? And do you remember coming home, and feeling that little flitter of excitement...

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