Author Emily Vajda

Editorial Services


In graduate school, I learned how to shape a novel. But I also learned how to expose character, plot, atmosphere, turning the setting into character, and how to tactfully, effectively edit other writers’ work. I then interned for Kimberley Cameron & Associates literary agency, where I read hundreds of hopeful authors’ queries, and learned what the agents are really looking for. What a successful query looks like. And the easy mistakes authors make that earn them an immediate rejection. 

As assistant to literary agent, Elizabeth Kracht, I began editing clients’ manuscripts, giving constructive feedback, catching typos and structural issues, while soaking up as much knowledge from Liz as I could. Now, I can confidently offer my personal services to other writers who are in search of a keen, thoughtful eye. I offer feedback rooted in what I have learned from graduate school and Kimberley Cameron & Associates, while also being mindful of the author’s intention. 

Your voice is important.

Reach out if you’d like to work together on the following areas:

  • Developmental Editing
  • Query Letter Evaluation
  • Synopsis Evaluation