Author Emily Vajda



Smoke, Ticks & Parenthood – How do you manage the fear?

My pregnancy with S was scary. With complete placenta previa, I was bleeding at the smallest things – dinner with friends, a short walk, a conversation on my cell phone…any sort of excitement, whether good or bad, had me bleeding. I had to be very careful. I wore a...

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Fear & Pregnancy Go Hand and Hand, At Least for Me.

Today I am 7 weeks, 5 days pregnant. And today I want to talk about the fear that comes along with being pregnant (especially when you’ve miscarried in the past) and how that fear doesn’t really go away. This time, the stick lit up like a firecracker when I peed on it...

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A Note On Grief.

Today is for acknowledging fear, darkness, and the shadows that live within us. It is for honesty and self-love. Vulnerability. I am open. I am speaking. Please listen. Today I had a polarity therapy session with my massage therapist, and about an hour into the...

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