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My blog is a place where I hope to be honest with my readers, where I can explore tricky subjects, and share myself with you. I’ve struggled with my voice in the past, editing myself so as not to offend, bending myself into a pretzel to please everyone, but I’ve learned that when you do that, your true authentic self is lost. And losing yourself isn’t worth the approval of anyone. So I will chronicle my aspirations and achievements, my fears; I will attempt to split my skull open in the way I do with my characters and let you see my secret heart.

Complete Placenta Previa, Another Challenge.

A dear friend told me she believes we aren’t given more than we can handle, and that she’s fairly certain I’m a shark; I’m fairly certain as well. I’ve been challenged, for almost a year now I’ve been consistently challenged – physically, emotionally, mentally – and I...

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Fear & Pregnancy Go Hand and Hand, At Least for Me.

Today I am 7 weeks, 5 days pregnant. And today I want to talk about the fear that comes along with being pregnant (especially when you’ve miscarried in the past) and how that fear doesn’t really go away. This time, the stick lit up like a firecracker when I peed on it...

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Meniere’s Disease: A Misdiagnosis

This has been such an exhausting (and expensive!) journey, this journey into my health issues – seeing doctor after doctor, doing test after test – at least one per day – and what have I learned? We must be our own advocates. I had a flight in December and my body...

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I’m Struggling: Diseases Suck.

In December, a dear friend of mine (a piece of my heart) passed away. She was suffering. She had been in and out of doctors for two years and they had yet to be able to diagnose the autoimmune disease/diseases she was suffering from. And she suffered. Oh, did she...

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My Road To Pregnancy (It Hasn’t Been Easy):

Some women “accidentally” get pregnant, barely feel any symptoms, skate through their pregnancy fairly easily, and then push that perfect, beautiful baby out no problem. This has not been my journey. My husband and I “accidentally” got pregnant at the end of June; it...

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