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My blog is a place where I hope to be honest with my readers, where I can explore tricky subjects, and share myself with you. I’ve struggled with my voice in the past, editing myself so as not to offend, bending myself into a pretzel to please everyone, but I’ve learned that when you do that, your true authentic self is lost. And losing yourself isn’t worth the approval of anyone. So I will chronicle my aspirations and achievements, my fears; I will attempt to split my skull open in the way I do with my characters and let you see my secret heart.

Smoke, Ticks & Parenthood – How do you manage the fear?

My pregnancy with S was scary. With complete placenta previa, I was bleeding at the smallest things – dinner with friends, a short walk, a conversation on my cell phone…any sort of excitement, whether good or bad, had me bleeding. I had to be very careful. I wore a...

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A Rant:

A conversation that I had with a dear friend yesterday evening has me up at 3am unable to sleep, so worked up that I need to vent, to rant, because the ignorance of some is astounding. This dear friend asked about my pregnancy, but each time I attempted to convey what...

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